The three brothers (Alexander, Anderson and Aaron), Olivia and Jhadira enjoy a hike while visiting Boulder, CO.

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Land Brotherz is a small, family-owned land business originally started by three brothers — Aaron, Alexander and Anderson. It has since expanded to include Aaron’s family — his wife, Jhadira, and their daughter, Olivia.

Growing up, the brothers enjoyed their family camping trips to various nearby National Parks — perhaps the “spark” was seeing the vast lands and that blissful feeling of insignificance among the tremendous creations of mother nature.

Seeking ways to remain close to those experiences, they sought to invest in rural vacant land — perhaps for a future off-the-grid getaway — often times near areas they previously visited and enjoyed.

Upon doing so, they found a lack of attention paid to land buyers, namely bloated pricing (without the requisite level of service) to pay for all of the disinterested parties involved — agent commissions, title fees and a seemingly endless list of other taxes and fees.

The brothers wondered what it would be like to make buying land as easy as buying goods on Amazon — from there, a business was born. The brothers have since helped dozens of happy customers purchase land, often for 50-80% less than comparable properties.

Please browse our selection of hand-picked properties. Or if you’d just like to drop us a note to connect for the heck of it — maybe you’ve got a cool spot in the mountains for your upcoming vacation? — please feel free to do so here.