How We Price Our Property So Cheap

How We Price Our Property So Cheap

“Why is your property so cheap?”

“What’s the catch?”

“Are you a real [business, person, seller, etc.]?”

Too clickbait-y of a title and intro? Weird way to indirectly praise ourselves? Hey, you might not be wrong! But it is also true that these are among the questions that we most commonly receive. And we’re proud that we’re able to deliver this kind of value to our buyers!

But we totally get it. You wouldn’t be the first to be skeptical, and I’m sure you won’t be the last.

For starters, buying vacant land entirely online can be nerve-racking. For many, it’s the first time they’ve ever done so.

We’re trying to change this and make land-buying as quick and simple as if you were buying toilet paper on Amazon (skip the $120 Prime fees, though). But it’s not easy! We’ve tried to help by publishing our own internal due diligence process — this is the same process we use to buy dozens of properties from owners we’ve never met, entirely sight unseen. Your needs and comfort level may vary, but feel free to utilize or tweak for yourself in whichever way you see fit.

Second, you may have found us by sorting for the least expensive property in the area you’re seeking property. In many cases, you’ll find that not only are we the cheapest, but our pricing is well below other comparable properties for sale in that area.

Naturally, that leads you to wonder, “Why?”

There are several reasons for this which we’ve listed below, but the short answer is: we’ve designed our entire business to deliver the best prices! It’s our main sales pitch or value we provide as a business for our customers.

Here are some of the ways that we’re driving this:

  • We market and buy in bulk, reviewing thousands of potential acquisitions in the process —> Allows us to pick the very best properties and negotiate the best prices
  • We buy directly from property owners —> No middleman or broker fees
  • We close our transactions in-house —> No expensive title company fees and lengthy close processes
  • We’re a small, family-owned business; not real estate agents or brokers —> No real estate commissions or minimum sales prices needed
  • We price to sell quickly —> We could increase our prices and wait months for the perfect buyer to come around, but we’d rather sell quickly and re-invest in more property selection for our customers
  • We use technology, tools and process to operate as lean and efficiently as possible —> No army of salespeople commissions, massive marketing budgets, office waterfront views or extravagant Christmas parties to pay for

Ultimately, every one of our acquisitions come down to this: if we can’t sell a property to be among the most competitively priced property in the area, we don’t buy it. Simple as that.

Add in a heavy helping of transaction savings and a dash of operational efficiency, and the low-price recipe becomes much easier to see. We’re able to then pass these savings on to our customers through the most competitive prices on the market.

Of course, many of our properties are in rural areas. While we conduct thorough due diligence when we acquire property, it’s impossible to account for everything. We include everything that we know about each property on our website — including hiring locals to take photos and pull maps in many cases — but we’ve never visited the properties ourselves and surely there are things we don’t know.

But we like to think that’s all baked into the price! Part of what allows you to purchase at the best prices on the market is this small element of surprise. Maybe the property you purchase from us had something unique about it that we never knew about — we’re happy when our buyers are getting a killer deal. It’s a win-win!

If you still have any questions, please visit our FAQ or don’t hesitate to contact us!

As always, your vacant land adventures start here.

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